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You Are Invited to Become A Guest Blogger of Bold Real Estate Group

Would you like to blog about your industry and what you think is important to share as a national or international professional? We are looking for Guest Bloggers worldwide to join our team and post informative, educative, inspiring, insightful, for approximately once a week.

We welcome real estate best deals around the world, issues with legal aspects of relocation nationally and internationally, title company, agency recruiters & relocation concerns, corporate home agents and anyone who would like to contribute on any aspect of real estate and market condition worldwide. We hope you will accept our invitation and look forward to developing a successful, long lasting and reliable relationship.

Why become a Guest Blogger of our real estate company?

- Become a valuable resource for your colleagues in the industry
- Connect & network with other progressive industry leaders
- Recognition within your industry

Why are we looking for Guest Bloggers?

As we continue to grow professionally, we are aware of the need for us to continue updating ourselves with new and fresh information within our perspective industries. We have embraced the many social media sources worldwide and it’s time to reach out to all of you wishing to participate. Additionally, as business owner I still plan to dedicate time to blog regularly.

If you are interested, please contact us with the following:
- your name
- your organization
- your role
- why you would like to blog for a real estate company
- a sample post (250 words or less) Note: unless you notify me otherwise, I may use these posts and give you the appropriate credit.

Submission Guidelines
-We reserve the right not to use the information, as we maintain the overall editorial control.
- Keep post short (250 words or less).
- Send it either as a .txt file (for easy cut and paste)
- Let me know if I can include your name & company. I would also be happy to link to your website/blog.